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Windshield Car Umbrella

Windshield Car Umbrella

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Windshield Umbrella Sun Shade Cover Visor Automotive Front Sunshade Fits Foldable Windshield

Windshield Umbrella Sun Shade Cover Visor Sunshades Reviews Automotive Front Sunshade Fits Foldable Windshield Brella Various Heat Insulation Shield for Car

  • Car brellashades windshield umbrella can effectively reflect sunlight, provide you with a cool driving environment, and prevent the dashboard and interior decoration from fading and cracking.


  • The working principle of the umbrella-style car windshield umbrella is the same as that of an ordinary umbrella, it is very easy to open and fold in a few seconds, can be stored in the door or central storage box and it does not occupy space in the car.
  • The brella shield for car windshield fits for a car, small pickup truck (Not for big truck), SUV

  • Sunshades for windshield brella shiel-d can protect privacy ,can be used in sunny and rainy days, which is very convenient. It is strong and durable.
  • Brella shad-e adopts high quality titanium silver glue + impact cloth material blocks heat & sun,keeps your vehicle cool and protects against damage caused by hot sunlight.

  • The car umbrella is designed with a three-fold chrome-plated black metal shaft and a strong metal frame. The ergonomic handle design maximizes comfort and holding safety. The sturdy frame and stable support ensure the durability of this car umbrella. keep your car in cool and comfortable condition in hot summer days.
  • Just like an umbrella, our sunshade is easy to install and fold, which can be done in seconds. You can store it to the glove box, door panel or under the seat without taking up extra space.
  • The portable car umbrella for windshield brings you a better sunshade experience! Twiglet car sunshade umbrella provide you with quality assurance. You can give it to your lover, relatives, friends, it will be the best summer gift.



Volu. Weight (Gm)
Product Weight (Gm) 393
Ship Weight (Gm) 920
Length (Cm) 35
Breadth (Cm) 13
Height (Cm) 10


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I am LIVING for this no more oragmi fold up ridiculousness

Everyone needs this. Those round oragmi circles they show soooo easy to fold up b*llsh*t. They were the worst. Accordian style are easy fold but take up tons of space. I thought there has to be something better. THIS IS IT! If you can use an umbrella you can use this. First time use is a bit tricky because who is used to opening an umbrella in their car :) after that it's a breeze. I use my visors to keep it propped up tight to my windshield because I got the large for my Hyundai Kona and it's a little too big. Personally if I can shut my doors I'd rather a little big than too small. I throw it in the holder behind my seat right next to my umbrella LOL. Love this! Truly! Jersey gets hot kids and leather seats will burn your a**! I've used this over a dozen times no issue. Wrap it up after I'm finished shove it back in case and you are good to go.

KA Sharma
Almost perfect.

This thing was dirt cheap, it opens easily and collapses to a VERY compact size which fits in my door map pocket, and fits my windshield extremely well with minimal gap. The top surface is not entirely flat when open, it's concave, which I think might be an intentional design to compensate for the rearview mirror being in the way. It needs the visors to hold it in place, it won't stay up without them. My only complaint is that straight out of the pouch it had a terrible odor, like a dead fish! I suggest you do what I did, open it and Febreze the fabric surfaces thoroughly front and back, and let it dry a long while. Now every time I install it in the windshield it creates a nice aroma in the car.

Nirakar sahooNirakar sahoo
Windshield UV Protector

This UV front windshield protector is so awesome. It looks like an umbrella and works like one, you just pop it open like an umbrella and it covers your front windshield, just put the visors down to hold it in place, this is the very easiest sun blocker for my SUV I have ever used. Works great in keeping it very cool in our cars <3!! Very easy to use and it comes with a slide in case, looks just like a small umbrella and it doesn't take up any space <3!! We think this product is very awesome, we love ours and think that anyone who try's one will love in too, it is hassle free and so easy to use!!!

Amit kumar
Needs some effort to set up.

I have not actually used it as of yet. So I cant comment on the temperature difference in the car when its standing in the sun. How ever, There is good coverage on the windshield. So i would say , there is going to be a temperature change after sitting . Meaning , if the cars in the hot sun, the inside will be cooler with the coverage this screen allows. What I don't like is its awkward to set up. You have to play with it to get it in the right position. Its not just a snap .

subhankar roy
Super convenient and great for 2021 Honda CR-V

2nd update: We've used this for nearly 6 months and it's still working perfectly. I take it down and put it back up at least twice everyday. Remember to hanlde it gently - don't ram it into place like you might with a rain umbrella.Update + pics: I've had this for a few weeks and I'm still really happy with it. There are some reviews saying that this scratched the interior of their car, but as long as you're gentle/careful about opening and closing it, it's not an issue. There are no scrapes on my dashboard.Original review: Okay this thing is amazing. I shopped around for a while, unsure of which sun cover to get for my 2021 Honda CR-V. This looked like the most practical and space-saving option and is relatively very inexpensive, so I figured why not try it.This thing sets up and collapses like a breeze. The touch screen of my car would get too hot just sitting in the sun, but this thing already fixed the problem. I love how it fits into the driver's-side door pocket no prob.The cover does NOT completely fill out the windshield, but covers most of it. For me though, it still does the job and more. I'm super happy with my purchase and hope that it holds up.