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Crack Seal Agent

Crack Seal Agent

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Main Features of Crack Seal Agent
  • Effective:
    This is a revolutionary formula based on water and rubber that can penetrate joints, cracks, and leaks and seal any cracked surfaces. At the same time, it forms a waterproof and protective coating in the adjacent area.

It is transparent after drying and will not affect the appearance. Suitable for all kinds of surface repair and sealing, waterproof, and leakage-proof.
Main Features of Crack Seal Agent:
 Efficient Leakage Prevention
It can penetrate seams, cracks, and leaks, sealing and repairing any broken surface. One brush to prevent leakage, simple and convenient, waterproof and anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and anti-stepping.
 Lasting Waterproof
An upgraded waterproof formula with higher viscosity, and stronger adhesion, the waterproof and leak-proof effect is remarkable. High temperature and low-temperature resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
 Healthy & Environmentally Friendly
The test does not contain harmful substances, it is non-toxic, odorless, environmental protection, and safe for children and pets.
 Easy to Use
Lightly wet the surface to be repaired, apply sealant with the brush (included), and allow 6-8 hours to dry completely. Apply a second coat of sealant for a better and longer waterproof effect.


Brand Name Click2Kart Crack Seal Agent
Colour Transparent
Included Components Waterproof Insulating Sealant
Item Volume 200 ML + 200 ML
Material Colloid
Number of Items 1
Surface area cover 500 to 600 sunning sq/ft
Size standard
 Scope of Application
Suitable for waterproof constructions of cement surfaces, metal, ceramic tile, marble, wood, plastic, and other surfaces. Widely used in toilet gaps, ceramic tile gaps, windowsill, balcony, exterior walls, ground, bathroom, kitchen, roof, etc.

FAQs - Crack Seal Agent

Question: Is it Lightweight?

Answer: Yes, it's lightweight. Measures around 750 ml, and the product is also suitable for cracks in cement.

Question: Can this product be used on ACC Roofing? 

Answer: No. It is used in floor and wall crack walls up to 106mm.

Question: Is curing required or not 

Answer: For better results, allow 7 days of curing time.

Question: Can it be used on "cement sheet's cracks"?

Answer: Definitely, yes! 

Question: Will it stop water leakage if used on terrace floor cracks? 

Answer: Yes. It will. 

Question: Can it be used to fill the gaps between tiles on the terrace? 

Answer: Yes, it can be used to fill the gap between tiles on the terrace. 

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Seems good not yet used

The product looks good and works as expected. It was delivered on time. I would definitely recommend the product, no doubt.

Ankita panwar
Super Service

I have ordered it at 699 for 1 and liked the product will I get discount on my new order for the same product

very useful in winter

Ok good!


I like it

Viraj Narayan Suryawanshi
Everything good

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