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Adjustable Non Slip TV Shelf

Adjustable Non Slip TV Shelf

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 Adjustable Non Slip TV Shelf Screen Top Storage Shelf, Desktop Stand TV Wall Mount Rack Display Shelf Storage Rack, Computer Display Storage Desk. Keep your furniture tidy and organized! Our Top Helper - Adjustable Screen Shelf is a small creative. shelf allowing you to place organize and collect your small items on top of you.

It provides you extra space to place the items that are creating a mess on your desk at the reach of your hand! It is a perfect platform to show your personality and extend the storage space. Fits all desktop computer monitors LCD TV freely adjusting shelf legs! The surface of each shelf is of a non-slip nature, which means that you won't need to be extremely concerned about objects that you place on your shelf falling off. 


➤ Works with any flatscreen tv this type of shelf will attach to any television of the flat-screen variety it'll also attach to any desktop computer monitor, as long as its screen is flat

➤ Perfect organizer- it is perfect for holding streaming devices, gaming consoles, remotes, router, decorations, etc.

➤ Creates extra space designed for TV box, cable box, media streaming devices, Wi-Fi routers, remotes, home decor, and more.

➤ Durable and sturdy structure strong enough to support all your stuff, the maximum carrying capacity of up to 6.6 Ibs where you can at least put 2 or more stuff on this big shelf

➤ Dot convex design the surface is designed to have dots that will help increase friction to avoid slipping.

Never lose your TV remotes and accessories.

➤ Easy installation no tool required, you only take 2 seconds to mount the shelf.

➤ It also connects to any desktop monitor, as long as its screen is flat

✦ Material:- Aluminum (ABS)

✦ Size:- 32.8 cm x 16 cm (12.9 in x 6.2 in)

✦ Package Includes:- 1 x Top Shelf

About this item

  • Package Included : 1 x Display Shelf || Size: 32.8 cm x 16 cm (12.9 in x 6.2 in) || Material:- High Quality Aluminum || Color:- Black
  • Non-Slip Surface: The surface of each of these shelves is of a non-slip nature, which means that you won't need to be extremely concerned about objects that you place on your shelf falling off.

  • Two movable brackets make the shelf compatible with a variety of screens, like computer monitors, TV display etc
  • Easy Installation : No tool required. You only take 2 seconds to mount the shelf.
  • Helps Keep Furniture Tidy: If you don't have a shelf like this attached to your computer monitor or television, your couch, coffee table or desk may end up covered in office supplies, remotes, or other small objects. By installing one of these shelves, however, you'll be able to get some of that clutter off your furniture and onto the shelf instead, where it can sit inconspicuously.

Non-Slip Surface

The surface bump texture design increases friction and effectively prevents items from slipping off

Material Safety

It is made of ABS environmental protection material, high temperature resistant and durable

Compatible Tripod

The movable bipod is compatible with all kinds of screens on the market

Anti Skid Of tripod

The bottom of the bipod is specially made of anti-skid material for more stable installation

FAQs - Adjustable Non-Slip TV Shelf  

Question: Does this TV Shelf work well on a TV with 3/8" thick legs? 

Answer: No matter the size of your television, our nonslip TV Shelf can make its place on any television. 

Question: Does the shelf take up some space on the screen?

Answer: No, it does not. The shelf fits in so well that it looks like part of the television. 

Question: Will this shelf work with a wall-mounted TV?

Answer: Yes, it does. 

Question: Will this work on a curved TV?

Answer: Yes, it does. 

Question: How can I lock the legs in place?

Answer: You can lock the legs of this TV shelf by following some simple steps. Place the TV top shell and adjust the position, and then adjust as needed and tighten the knob. 

Question: The front ledge that goes over & grabs the monitor, how long is it?

Answer: It does not matter because the ends of the legs are smooth and will not grab hold of the back of the monitor. Chad to velcro a strip of wood on the back of the monitor, then velcro the leg ends for it to work in the camper. 

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Standby counter table

Very easily removing and fixing

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Nice product for holding settop box on top the tv.