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Shoe Cleaner Wipes

Shoe Cleaner Wipes

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 Product Features

This product is compounded with a variety of active decontamination components, which can quickly penetrate into deep cleaning, mild formula, no harm to hands, convenient and fast. It can quickly remove oil stains and sweat stains on the surface. It selects high-quality thick pearl jacquard non-woven fabric, which can be effectively cleaned with only one piece, saving time and labor.

Scope of Use

It is suitable for men's and women’s small white shoes, sports shoes, basketball shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, tourism shoes, knitted shoes, mesh shoes, and other footwear products. It is not suitable for anti-suede, pure cloth, water dyeing, grease, and other fabric products. Note that this product may deepen the surface color or decolonize.

One-Step Cleaning: Just Wipe, Need No Water


  • This sneaker cleaner quick wipes provide a faster, more powerful, and most convenient way to clean your shoes whenever you needs. Just simply wipe your shoes with this, need no water and tissue, your shoes will be totally refreshed.

Applicable to Various Shoes & Cause No Harm


  • This Premium Cleaning Solution Suitable for Different Sneakers & Sports Shoe, Portable Carrying for Travel works perfectly on white, running, basketball, sneaker, football and mesh shoes ,etc. It will cause no harm during usage due to its multiple-layer tech. [Not for Suede Shoes]

Powerful Premium Cleaning Solution


  • By using the combination of RO Pure Water and premium cleaning solution, This shoe Wipes cleaner quick wipe can effectively remove different sorts of marks, stains, and dirt that remain on your shoes.

About the shoe sneaker wipes, cleaner quick wipes disposable


  • The shoe cleaner wipes many uses and ideal for old and new shoe up-keep, good for an active, on the go lifestyle, packs well for travel.
  •  The slim, flat pack is light weight, compact and extremely portable.
  • Cleaning before entering the door, Avoid shoes carrying dirty things home.
  • You can use them on different leather colors, and they help clean the sides of the soles as well.


With our disposable shoe sneaker cleaner wipes, you can quickly and easily clean grime, dirt, grass stains, scuffs, mud, and salt from your kids' footwear, white shoes or inside your sneakers to remove sand, sweat, and dust.


Our shoe wipes sneaker cleaner come in a 1 pack of 80 wipe resealable packs to lock in the moisture and keep them fresh. Perfect for travel in your bag or purse, to tennis, golf or school for quick cleats touch-ups on the go.


The wipes are safe and effective to use on nylon, cotton, mesh, canvas, rubber sole whitener, synthetic material, suede, and leather. A bubble gum scent without harsh chemicals that damage shoes.


Our pre-moistened sneaker cleaning wipes will keep your kids’ shoes clean but can also be used to clean leather bags, handbags and belts. These wipes are textured and durable enough as an eraser on any stubborn stain.


Our TCCO shoe wipes along with our other kids shoe accessories are made to the best strict standards. Our shoe wipes are the perfect shoes cleaner or white shoe cleaner sneaker fix to keep them clean despite the dirt.

FAQs -

Q: What are Shoe Cleaner Wipes?

A: Shoe Cleaner Wipes are convenient and portable cleaning cloths designed specifically for cleaning and maintaining various types of footwear. They are pre-moistened with a cleaning solution to effectively remove dirt, stains, and grime from shoes.

Q: How do Shoe Cleaner Wipes work?

A: Shoe Cleaner Wipes are pre-saturated with a specially formulated cleaning solution that helps break down dirt and stains on the surface of the shoes. The user simply takes a wipe and gently rubs it over the shoes, targeting areas with visible dirt or stains. The wipe's texture aids in scrubbing away the debris. Once the cleaning is done, the shoes are left to air dry.

Q: Can Shoe Cleaner Wipes be used on all types of shoes?

A: Shoe Cleaner Wipes are generally safe to use on most types of shoes, including leather, canvas, suede, rubber, and synthetic materials. However, it's recommended to test a small, inconspicuous area before using the wipe on the entire shoe, especially for delicate materials like suede.

Q: Are Shoe Cleaner Wipes effective for removing tough stains?

A: Shoe Cleaner Wipes are designed to tackle common dirt and stains, but their effectiveness on tough or set-in stains may vary. For deeply ingrained stains, multiple applications or additional cleaning methods might be necessary.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Amazing product

The wipes are really amazing. It helps me clean my dirty shoes ,now they’re looking new and i loved the personal hand written letter in the box

Rahul Anand

I recently purchased a pack of shoe wipes and I must say they have exceeded my expectations. These wipes have become an essential part of my shoe care routine, and I am thoroughly impressed with their performance

Kaushal Kant SharmaKaushal Kant Sharma
Good product.

It is a very good product but if there is a lot of dirt on the shoes, it is too much to go.

chandra shekar
Very Good Wipes

These wipes are a pack of innovative soap foams that cleans all the dirts from the shoes . Must have for all sneakerheads and it came with cute handwritten note thanking the customer . It was a nice touch !!

Debasis mallickDebasis mallick
Excellent Product !!

Being a sneakerhead, i really care about my footwear as there's a huge investment involved in buying these and also it requires me to maintain them too