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Shankar Dhyana Mudra Idol Fountain

Shankar Dhyana Mudra Idol Fountain

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Shankar Dhyana Mudra Idol Fountain

Using a back-flow incense burner, you can create a Smokey waterfall effect. In this work of art, Lord Adiyogi Shiva Dhyan Mudhra is meditating along a waterfall. Simply place an incense cone at the top of the waterfall, and the smoke will start to flow in the opposite direction, from top to bottom, creating a beautiful Smokey waterfall. This makes an ideal housewarming gift for any household, with perfumed smoke pouring in waves beside the Adiyogi Shiva. Swapi Backflow A box of 20 back-flowing incense cones is included with the Shiva incense burner. Swapi can help you find additional back-flow cones. Swapis skilled artisans meticulously crafted this showpiece using a variety of ancient techniques. 



God Idols / Murti / Figurines / Idol Is Best Gift for Home, Marriage Anniversary, Parents, Mother's day, Father's Day. Wedding Gift, Birthday, House Warming, Office / Shop Inauguration, Festive Occasions - Like Diwali, Rakhi, Grah Parvesh and Corporate Gifts

Cleaning :

Always Clean It with Soft Dry Cloth It Has Beautiful Crescent Moon & Tilak On Top Which Gives A Beautiful Look To Lord Shiva Idol

Adiyogi Shiva Statue is Specially Used in Car Dashboard, Home and Office Decor, Pooja, Gifting Special Person, Home, Marriage Anniversary, Parents, Mother's day, Father's Day. Wedding Gift, Birthday, House Warming, Office / Shop Inauguration, Festive Occasions - Like Diwali, Rakhi, Grah Pravesh and Corporate Gifts

Package Contents:

1 Black Colour Elegant Lord Adiyogi Idol with 20 Free Scented Backflow Incense Cones

FAQs -

Q: What is the Shankar Dhyana Mudra Idol Fountain?

A: The Shankar Dhyana Mudra Idol Fountain is a decorative and spiritual piece of art that features an idol of Lord Shiva (Shankar) in the Dhyana Mudra, a hand gesture representing meditation. It also incorporates a fountain feature, making it a unique blend of artistic expression and tranquility.

Q: What does the Dhyana Mudra symbolize?

A: The Dhyana Mudra is a hand gesture commonly seen in meditation poses. It represents deep contemplation, concentration, and the search for inner peace. In the context of the Shankar Dhyana Mudra Idol Fountain, it embodies the essence of Lord Shiva's meditative state.

Q: How does the fountain feature work?

A: The fountain feature in the idol fountain involves recirculating water. Water is pumped from a reservoir and flows through the fountain structure, creating a soothing visual and auditory experience. The flowing water adds an element of serenity to the environment.

Q: What material is the idol fountain made of?

A: The materials used can vary, but these idol fountains are often crafted from materials like resin, stone, or fiberglass. Each material offers its own aesthetic and durability qualities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Bishwajit Sahu
Smoke not coming down like waterfall design

Few Dhoop sticks are delivered along with this idol. Smoke is coming upwards like normal Dhoop sticks. Not coming down like waterfall.. they can give the same sticks which will serve purpose.

Nice product in range

I'm enjoying it

It looks as it shows in the picture.

It looks as it shows in the picture. I could not expect the same effect as shown here, so m really happy with the product.

Tia Das
It could have been better, shouldn't fall.

The media could not be loaded. Â The model is as described, but base is tilted, model falls off to backside, and the stick also doesn't have flat base to sit flat, that too falls off. Rest i liked the Budha figure, it was of great sculpture.

Sanjay Chamria
Perfect find but incense provided was too bad

Loved the product but their were few issues with the product:1. Incense which they provided with the product was pretty bad, I wish they can improve the quality of it. It had no fragrance.2. The base in which the incense is to be kept is quite small and it is slightly inclined ( I think it was manufacturing defect)But overall experience was quite good as I bought the incense Parag fragrances, they were perfect and full of fragrance.All you need to do it place incense over the hole, and burn it from the top.Keep it away from wind for perfect smoke waterfall