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Food Chopper, Manual Efficient 4.8x4.8x10.8in Vegetable Grater

Food Chopper, Manual Efficient 4.8x4.8x10.8in Vegetable Grater

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The manual plastic vegetable cutter will make your day-to-day cooking life a lot easier. Finish your food preparation with three interchangeable blades and makes slicing, shredding, and grinding easily. The plastic vegetable cutter is a must in any kitchen! This plastic vegetable cutter is the best material for the kitchen and saves your precious time.



Finish your food preparation with three interchangeable blades. This cutter makes slicing, shredding, and grinding easy. Perfect for cucumber, carrot, potato, onion, cheese, chocolate, garlic, & even peanuts, almonds. Skip the tedious cleaning method and make your cleaning simple. The cutter is simple to wash by hand, and it will dry quickly.

The rotary cheese grater has three different round shape slicer. It facilitates you to slice, shred, and grinds of any foods while not having to touch it with your hands. Material is safe, 100% BPA free, and non-poisonous. Unique rotating drum cutting design, which makes the drum grater cut the ingredients 12x faster than other cheese shredders. Effortless rotating, and spend less time to get prepared food.


The blades and other parts can be separated. The plastic vegetable cutter is the best material for your kitchen! It has excellent quality and easy to clean. Perfect for creating salads, soups, and stews (foods). Available in many beautiful colors. It is far greater handy to cook. This cutter is honestly the best gift for family and friends! We believe the rotary grater will give you the best experience. Get yours soon!


 Reasons To Buy

  • The rotary cheese grater has three different interchangeable round shape slicer
  • Perfect for creating salads, soups, and stews (foods)
  • This cutter makes slicing, shredding, and grinding easily
  • Material is safe, 100% BPA free, and non-poisonous
  • Cut the ingredients 12x faster than other cheese shredders
  • Effortless rotating, and spend less time to get prepared food.

FAQ- Easy Vegetable Grater 

1.Is this cutter heavyweight? 

Answer: No, the cutter is light and easy to handle.

2. How many blades does this package include? 

Answer: The package includes three blades.

3. Is this cutter BPA-free?

Answer: Yes, the cutter is 100% BPA-free.

4. Is this cheese grater rotatable? 

Answer: Yes, the cheese grater is rotatable

5. Is this grater safe to wash?

Answer: Yes, the grater is safe to wash

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great buy!

This little gem does a great job! Easy to use and clean. At first I didn’t see the suction lock and I was thinking it wasn’t going to work Bc it kept moving all Over the place. Once I saw that it was easy peasy. I shredded about 40 jumbo zucchini from the garden. It shreds very well. I had to cut the zucchini into 4s Bc they were so large and the opening wasn’t big enough to shred them whole. I ended up with 152, 2 cup bags that we will freeze. Overall this was a great buy. Would recommend.

Bishwajit Sahu
Amazing shredder/grater!

After reading several reviews on different brands, I ordered the Ourokhome brand ~ it seemed to have consistently favorable reviews. I am very happy with this shredder/grater/slicer. It is very easy to assemble. Holds a good suction to my granite countertop and most importantly: super easy to clean. It works just as described. So far I have grated cheese (of course-the main reason I bought it); 'sliced' cheese with the slicer blade -very very thin slices, perfect for melting; sliced celery & carrots both; and super fun & easy > 'chopped' pecans with the coarse grating tumbler. I wouldn't have thought of grating nuts but I saw it done on a youtube video and decided to give it a try. As you can see in the photo - perfect! W-a-y easier than even getting out my mini electric chopper/processor. This little gadget is amazing!! I highly recommend this brand, good quality. I am in no way affiliated with this company and I DID pay for this gadget (not free). I just love it!

Tia Das
Mostly love it

I really love this first. One thing I didn’t like from the beginning is that it’s sections and I have tile with grout so there’s no place to do it. I actually have to walk out into my dining room and attach it to a bookcase lol. Once it’s suctioned it’s a breeze. It also slides apart very easily for cleanup and storage. Unfortunately after using it for one month apart fell off! It doesn’t affect the use so far too much but I’m not happy about it

Works awesome!!!

The media could not be loaded. Â I used it to shred extra sharp cheese and smoked cheese. Worked great!! The thing I found out was do not use alot of pressure pushing down the cheese. It gums up the drum. Other then it tool me a cpl tries to get it stuck on the counter. After that was smooth sailing did a 16oz block and 8 Oz in 2 mins cleaned right afterwards was a breeze.

Sumeer pattnaik
You get what you payed for :) a great rotary grater

Very good product for a great deal. I purchased this recently because food prep is very difficult for me due to my chronic conditions/illnesses. This product is good for young people and the elderly. I don’t need to worry about cutting my hands and cleaning up is so easy. I have a very hard time chopping/slicing/grating hard vegetables. Anyone with neck pain and nerve pain knows this struggle very well. This rotary grater does the trick. It makes the job less taxing on my body and I’m able to manage making myself a decent healthy meal. So far so good.The only con is I don’t know how long this product will last, I’m hoping it’s durable enough for years to come. Also this is not a chopper so if you are looking for a chopper this isn’t your product. This is a rotary slicer and grater. This product isn’t good for onions, tomatoes, celery, and bell peppers. This is amazing for nuts, cheese, and crackers. Also Potatoes, zucchini, carrots, radish, garlic, cucumbers and some hard fruits etc, that a chopper can’t handle. No need to pre-boil and I’m glad. Anything soft/watery with a skin or stringy vegetables it won’t work. I’ve tried trust me.I thought to buy this instead of a chopper but I still need a chopper. This rotary grater does everything a vegetable chopper can’t and the chopper does everything a rotary grater can’t. So overall this is a good buy and hopefully a great investment. If I have any problems I’m hoping this company will help me in the future and replace parts. Happy grating to you all!!