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Car Armrest Storage Box

Car Armrest Storage Box

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 This car armrest storage box is designed with 2 independent spaces. Large space can store large items, such as paper tissues and snacks.The small space can store your glasses, phones, wallets and other small items. Foldable Cup Holder: The multifunctional car storage box is equipped with 2 foldable cup holders, You can use the cup holder to place your cups and stack the cup holder up when not in use to save space. Durable and Functional: The car armrest storage box is made of high-quality plastic to ensure its durability. Besides, it is a special barrier that prevents naughty kids or pets in the back seat disturbing your daily drives.

About this item

  • New Upgrade The car tissue storage box, with a metal frame, has a high quality texture. It will be more suitable for your beloved car because of its material.

  • Various Applications You will enjoy the safe driving comfort with our car armrest water cup holder, because it is beautiful and high quality, it starts a new storage height in the vehicle to help you store and organize at the same time.

  • KEEP YOUR ITEMS TIDY You will not store the car armrest cup holder as it is convenient to store and keep items tidy and feel clean at home at all times
  • Healthy Material We make water cup holders with environmentally friendly and healthy materials. In addition, they are durable and have no peculiar smell.

  • Detachable & Foldable Our car armrest cup holder can be used in different situations easily and safely, with removable and foldable design.

FAQs - Car Armrest Storage Box 


Question: What is the size of this car armrest storage box?

Answer: 17.5x11.5x11.5cm (6.9x4.5x4.5inch) compatible with SUVs, RVS, jeeps, golf carts, cars, etc. Not suitable for armless box car consoles.

Question: How many cup holders are the car storage organizer?

Answer: The car storage organizer has 3 cup holders

Question: Is the car tissue holder made of leather?

Answer: Yes, the car tissue holder is made of premium PU Leather, 2 packs with tissue refill.

Question: How about the beige car tissue holder? Does it include tissue?

Answer: Our Car Tissue Holder is Made of Premium PU Leather. The Car Sun Visor Tissue Box with Tissue Refill.

Question: Is it a leather-made product? 

Answer: Yes, it is.

Question: Which quality leather is used in this product?

Answer: Made of Premium PU leather, Embossing Dot Surface, 3 color black/pink/beige.

Question: What are the unique Qualities of a Car Armrest Storage Box?

Answer: The Car Armrest Storage Box is made of environmentally friendly ABS plastic, with no irritating odor under high temperatures: ABS plastic and durable material, has no scratches, easy to clean. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Rajeev Chadha
Solved my problem with limited space interior

I purchased a Mini Cooper so I have been always struggled with the limited storage space inside. This product helps me solve the problem that now I have space next to driver seat to place my daily coffee or gym bottle, but it doesn’t hinder my movements. Plus, It’s stable and the color fits my car’s interior. I would like to refer to my friends.

Gaurav Gupta
Makes my life a lot easier

Its easy to install and you can move it around if needed. I have one on my visor, and one in the back seat pocket for passengers

kaushal pandey
Convenient and practical

This box is just right for my car; I can put many water bottles in the vehicle's back seat. At the same time, the box's appearance is also very delicate and fits very well in the car.

Mandeep Singh Bhatia
The cup holders are a little fragile.

I like that it was small enough to fit in the space in my vehicle. I didn't like how fragile the side cup holders are.

Doesn't attach to all consoles. Don't believe that was emphasized.

I was unable to attach as my console opens in half lengthwise, not one panel that opens up from the front.