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All in 1 Mini Cleaning Kit

All in 1 Mini Cleaning Kit

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About This Item

7-in-1 Keyboard Cleaning Kit:

The keyboard cleaning kit contains silicone tips, flannel wipes, flocked sponges, key pullers, brushes, and more to clean cracks, stains, limescale particles, dust, and pull-out keycaps.


The silicone tip removes stubborn stains in the crevices of headphones, buttons, and other items. The high-density brush removes dirt and dust from the headphone sound hole. The flocked sponge removes dust from the earphone charging case. Flannel wipes are used to clean large dusty areas such as keyboards, desks, window rails, etc.

Retractable Design:

One end of the multifunctional cleaning pen is divided into a brush. It can be used after it is launched, which is convenient and worry-free, and there is no need to worry about the loss of the bottle cap.

Deep cleaning:

The keyboard cleaning brush kit comes with a key extractor. Use a key puller to remove the keycaps, then use a nylon bristle brush to clean the keyboard more thoroughly. At the same time, it is also very convenient to replace the keycaps.

Soft Material:

The keyboard cleaning brush is made of high-quality ABS material, which is odor-free and durable. Soft nylon brush will not hurt the keyboard, moderate hardness, good elasticity, easy to clean the keyboard.


This 7-in-1 electronic cleaner kit includes 1 large high-density brush, 1 soft sponge, 1 cleaning pen for airpods(includes silicone tip, small sponge and mini high-density brush), 1 Keycap Puller, 1 flannel cleaning cloth and 1 spray bottle (5ml Screens Cleaners Spray) for every cleaning need.

Foldable Cleaning Pen:

Cleaning kit for airpod with silicone tip, high density brush and flocked sponge ,the triangular silicone tip is used to clean crevice stains, and the high-density brush for earbuds and phone mesh sound holes. The flocking sponge is used to clean the earbuds charging case hole.

Delicate and Soft Sponge:

Computer Cleaning Kit is suitable for cleaning dust and stains from screens of phones/cameras/ laptops/tablets, etc. The sponge is soft enough not to scratch the screen.

keycap buckle and High-density cleaning brush:

Keyboard cleaning kit, the keycap buckle can be used to remove the keycaps of the mechanical keyboard and then use the cleaning brush to clean the dust and stains in the gaps of the keyboard.(It is recommended that you take a picture to save the order of letters before disassembling the keyboard)


Multifunctional cleaning brush to clean multiple item products in one tool kit, easy to clean multiple products earbuds, keyboards, screens, more just 7 in 1 brush kit.


Mechanical keyboards, headphones, laptop screens, cameras, electronic watches, appliances hearing aids, telescopes and other electronic and optical products.

FAQs -

Q: how much cleaning spray ?
A: The cleaning spray is 5ml, and it can be used for a long time under normal use

Q: How do I remove the keyboard from my laptop?
A: Our keyboard clip is suitable for external mechanical keyboards, not for notebooks, you can use a brush to clean the keyboards of notebooks without dismantling

Q: Will this thing scratch my earphones ?
A: The cleaning kit is made of silicone material, which is soft and will not scratch the earphones or screen, so you can use it with confidence

Q: Will the key cap puller work on round mechanical keys?
A: Dear, it can work on round mechanical keys.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
R.Krishna Rao
Overall it is good

It’s very difficult to clean phone speaker. Bristle are too short to clean the speaker, base used to touch on phones body. Otherwise it’s good to clean other stuffs.


Useful product

Atiqa Aiemun
A must have

It's such an awesome compact and useful... designed really smartly and also of good built quality. Definitely a must have for people with multiple gadgets.

Supriya P.
Good Product for Hygenic people

It has all that it says and does what it says for the price range. The default cleaner liquid is great quality and the keypuller doesn't work on short travel key keyboards and the microfiber pad with velcro is very thin, it's better to use another proper towel if available.

Good Product

Built quality is amazing, (not cheap plastic).Brush is so soft.By default it came with some solution filled in the mini bottle.Product is smaller than expected (so compact and handy).Serves all the 8 cleaning purposes.Packaging was above average.This is definitely a value for money product.Go for it.